Visiting Scholar Mr. Konrad Konefal 

During the month of February Mr. Konrad Konefal, The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin visited the Faculty of Psychology under the  E+ teaching mobility program and the support of the international office of the faculty.
Mr. Konefal is an academic lecturer and  People & Organisation Director at the University. He has a long experience as a senior consultant and project manager in supporting and managing changes in organizations, especially regarding creation and implementation remuneration systems, organizational structure, employee downsizing, ERP systems, and complex business transformation.
On February 11 and 16 he participated as a guest lecturer in the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Work, Organizational, and Personnel Psychology with two seminars.
One seminar was directed to first-year students: “How to increase value of your work”.  Most of the employees in the organizations would like to earn more because salary provides our ability to be independent. Organizations are ready to pay more for more valuable work. The way to meet the expectations of both parties is to understand where the value of work comes from. During the seminar, the connection between job requirements and internal human forces needed to meet them was discussed
The second seminar was directed to second-year students:  “How to build a remuneration system based on the value of job”. This seminar highlighted the three purposes of the remuneration system: hiring, retaining, and motivating employees who most support the strategic goals of the organization. Both overpaying and underpaying are disadvantageous for enterprises operating in the competitive market. How can employers acquire knowledge?  how much should they pay their people?  During the seminar, the rules of constructing an efficient way of good enough paying were discussed.