Either the Coordinating Office of the WOP-P Master or the Insurance Company will send the insurance scheme or insurance policy to your postal address in case you need a visa. In addition, both the Coordinating Institution (University of Valencia) and your Home University (for mobility 1) will provide you an acceptance letter confirming your admission in our master and in our universities. Finally, you will receive two letters in due time: one acceptance letter from the
Coordinating Office of the WOP-P Master and one from your Home University (for mobility 1).
Such letters have the following contents:
1) Proof of sufficient economic support. This proof of sufficient economic support is provided only to WOP-P EMJMD scholarship holders (i.e., economic conditions of the scholarship). Non-granted Non-European students have to provide embassies with this proof by their own means.
2) Information about the WOP-P master (calendar, hours of learning, etc.) and the Programme.
Your University for mobility 2 will send you exactly the same documents as your Home
University (for mobility 1) but later, approximately in December. The documents will be sent to your contact person in your Host University (for mobility 2) and he or she will give them to you in due time.
Do not worry NOW about your visa for your mobility 2!! It’s useless!!

Embassies/consulates always ask for two very important documents: one is a “criminal record statement of the authorities in your country” and a “medical test”. You must provide them these documents by yourself.

More practical information about visa will be in the “book for students” that you will receive in the event that you are accepted for the WOP-P Master.

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