European students do not need a visa to travel across Europe. They may only need a visa if they are traveling outside of Europe, for example, to do their professional internship.

We strongly recommend the Non-European students to contact embassies or consulates as soon as possible to find out all the documents and requirements to obtain a visa to come to Europe.

To those students needing a visa, either the Coordinating Office or the Insurance Company will send the insurance policy. Additionally, both the Coordinating Institution (University of Valencia) and the Home University (for mobility 1) will provide an acceptance letter confirming the admission to our master and our universities. These letter includes the following:

  1. Proof of sufficient economic support (only to granted students). Non-granted students must provide this information to embassies by their own means.
  2. Information about the WOP-P Master (calendar, programme, etc.). The Host University (for mobility 2) will send the same documents as the Home University but later, approximately in December.

Additional documents provided by the European Commission will be sent to granted students.

Finally, please bear in mind that embassies/consulates always request two essential documents: a criminal record statement of the authorities in your country and a medical test. Students must provide these documents by their own means.

Once the student is accepted in the master, they will receive the Handbook for Students with useful information about visa and residence permits requirements, socio-cultural aspects, accommodation, cost of living, etc. to ease the welcoming process and later mobilities.