The Winter School

The Winter School is a learning unit with 3 phases: e-learning, in-residence, and final assignment. During the two-week in-residence period, all students meet for an intensive learning experience.

One of the main goals of the Winter School is to train students in competencies relevant to design new methodologies and tools for professional intervention. This methodology considers different aspects, such as customer expectations, costs, and benefits, political and contextual constraints, stakeholders, etc. Students must deal with an open and complex problem where different solutions and intervention plans can be designed and implemented.

In addition, the students must analyze the main demands and characteristics of the context in a region of the world, identifying relevant contextual factors that need to be considered when designing and implementing professional interventions in the discipline.

Students join multicultural teams to cooperate in both face-to-face interactions and electronic communication. This strategy facilitates a similar context to the international and multicultural scenarios where future WOP psychologists will work.

The in-residence phase of the Winter School takes place in the International Center of Gandía, Spain. It entails an extra cost (price pending confirmation) in a shared double room with a full board, not included in the fees. Travel and transportation costs are not included either.