Deadlines for student’s application

For the academic year 2017-2018:


Applications for the EMJMD SCHOLARSHIPS (ERASMUS+):

From December 5 (2016) to March 5 (2017, 24 h UTC/CUT +1)

Communication of decisions to students: by May 1, 2017


Applications for the WOP-P MASTER only:

Students from Partner countries: From March 6 to June 15 (2017, 24 h UTC/CUT +1) (CLOSED)

Students from Programme countries, from March 6 (2017):

To September 15 (2017) at the University of Barcelona (provisional)

To June 5 (2017) at the University of Bologna (CLOSED). More info:

To September 12 at the University of Coimbra (provisional)

To September 1 (2017) at the University of Valencia (provisional)

Communication of the decision to students: one month after the interview at the latest.


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