The role of partners

There are different kinds of partners: European, non-European, and associated partners.

The European partners are the European awarding programme universities. The conceptualization, design, and structure of the master programme are the same for all of them. However, there is room for flexibility in specific courses to take advantage of the strengths of each partner, while respecting their diversity. The WOP-P Master has established tables of conversion to translate academic marks to the grading scale of any country of the Consortium. Student marks obtained in a partner institution are automatically recognized by the other awarding universities.

The non-European partners are universities involved in the programme to arrange professional internships for second-year students, if applicable. The conditions describing the participation of partners are described in the signed agreement.

Finally, the associated partners support the WOP-P Master in different ways, offering grants, supporting data collection in the research training, providing research internships and support, and offering facilities and logistics for international activities such as the Winter School. In addition, each year about 30 agreements are formalized with companies in the business community for professional internships.