WOP-P Master Alumni Testimonials (EMJMD)

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“WOP-P helps widen the world and perspective of all participants. We were exposed to an international environment which we had to collaborate, create together, research, learn and teach to each other. Design of WOP-P puts self learning and teamwork at center, which now I introduce and apply as a method of development at my workplace.”
Ezgi AytanWOP-P Student in 2014-2016 | Currently Working at Solvoyo Software as Talent Success Leader

“Cross-cultural experiences: as we were coming from all over the world, EMJMD is just a mini globe where you find cultures and experiences from all continents. The program makes the world and the continents closer to each other, loving and respectful for one another as you start to understand different perspectives. In the EMJMD there is no place for discrimination and racism though we all are from different races, religion and cultural background. It is where you respect each other freely.

Professional growth: this mainly related to the quality of the courses given to students and competences and professionalism of the professors giving the courses. It was my desire and dream to continue my PhD as soon as I finish my Master, indeed I pursued my PhD right after my graduation. That was only possible because of the competences, skills, knowledge, professionalism and professional relationship I got from the EMJMD.”

Tariku Ayana AbdiWOP-P Student in 2016-2018 | Currently Working at Campania University, home, (Italy) and University of Valencia, host, (Spain) as a PhD student

“It was the best decision I took. I was scared with my English and to be able to overcome it. For me was an achievement in many aspects. Moreover, I learnt from different cultures, how to work with them and develop competencies that I did not realized I had. It is a demanding master but gives you an idea of what to expect in your future working career. If I had the chance, I would take the same decision of doing the master :)”

Sara López MorenoWOP-P Student in 2016-2018 | Currently Working at Jeff as Talent Manager
“The WOP-P programme was recommended as one of the best courses in Europe at the time when I attended. The opportunity to be lectured by the professors who invented the theories that we have read about in textbooks for so long was amazing. Not only did we have professors from around the world teach us, we also had classmates from around the world. The course developed me intellectually and personally. I have developed a network for life that still exists today in the best companies across the world. One of the standout moments for me was the Winter Business School. We joined work teams from around the world to complete projects that stretched and grew us as individuals. I would not be where I am today without the learning I gained from the programme.”
Rob JardineWOP-P Student in 2015-2017 | Currently Working at NeuroLeadership Institute as Head of Research & Solutions
“The Erasmus period. A reasonable amount of work and excellent teachers. Possibility to grow as a person while studying.”
Oleguer CasasWOP-P Student in 2017-2019 | Currently Working at Pierce AB as HR Generalist
“Working and collaborating with other students from all over the world was, by far, one of the best experiences I ever had. The WOP-P Master offers an incredible opportunity to work in a multicultural context which makes you open your mind, be more flexible and learn many different ways of performing every day.”
Núria Iglesias MartínezWOP-P Student in 2017-2019 | Currently Working at Mobba Industrial Catalunya S.A. as Chief People Officer
“I have created amazing relationships throughout the Master, the most valuable one with a very motivated colleague of mine, with whom we went to a Student Congress (EFPSA) in Portugal and got to spend a few lovely, educational and important days networking and sharing experiences with other students and young professionals.”
Nia Plamenova DjourovaWOP-P Student in 2012-2014 | Currently Working at IESE Business School as Research Assistant
“The winter school was an experience of great value to work hand by hand with an international team, learn, grow, experience, share and integrate theoretical learnings of the wop Master to a more practical situation.”
NEREIDA SANTOSSWOP-P Student in 2015-2017 | Currently Working at e-Motiva as HR Consultant
“Multicultural exposure and challenging my comfort zone. Living and working with a highly diverse group of people was wonderful.”
Muhammad Sohaib NiaziWOP-P Student in 2017-2019 | Currently studying an MBA
“Working in teams and dealing with different deadlines was the most useful thing for me. It helped me to organize my time better, trust the others’ efforts and handle the stress a little better, preparing me for the working environment.”
Maddalena ToniniWOP-P Student in 2016-2018 | Currently Working at Scm Group as Training Specialist
“WOP-P Master showed me that research and practice are interdependent and are both very important for those who work as organizational and work psychologists. I am aware that my consultancy has been growing fast because we offer research all the time in order to propose organizational changes. Knowing data analyses represents, for me, a very big differential as well. Moreover, the chance to improve my English and to deal with people from different cultures brought me bigger opportunities in Brazil and abroad. ”
Juliana SeidlWOP-P Student in 2008-2010 | Currently Working at Aposentadoria Plena & MaturiJobs as CEO & Partner
“I really enjoyed being part of a very talented group of international students, each with unique backgrounds, that developed myself, both personally and professionally. A number of professors of all the different universities of the program were surprisingly insightful, using a variety of methodologies, creating a fun but challenging learning environment. I will always remember the 2 weeks spent in the winter school held in Coimbra. It was an amazing learning event, in a beautiful city, with the greatest folks.”
Jose MartinezWOP-P Student in 2008-2010 | Currently Working at Yokogawa as Senior Consultant
“The WOP-P Master has been one of the most life-changing and unique experiences I lived so far. And well, more than once it has been a set of moments and peculiarities that made it like that. The relationships with the WOPPIES coming from all over the world and the possibility to know their different cultures. The mobility periods (i.e., the exchange semester and the three-months practicum) that challenged me in adapting to new environments. The Winter School, where I shared a lot of nice and though moments with my teammates. But most importantly, the luck to enjoy and stay in contact with all such great people in the upcoming years.” http://localhost/erasmuswop.org/wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=testimonials
Guido MartinolliWOP-P Student in 2017-2019 | Currently Working at University of Valencia & CINCEL S.A.S. as Ph.D Candidate
“I have flashbacks of many great experiences: earning the scholarship, making friends in my home uni of Bologna, engaging in very interesting lectures and group work, arriving to amazing Barcelona for my host uni period, being in Valencia and Gandia for the Winter school, doing my internship period in Amsterdam and finally graduating with honours!”
German DistelWOP-P Student in 2015-2017 | Currently Working at Azavista as Product Manager
“Hacer un Master WOP-P a los 52 años fue para mí muy valioso y valeroso. Experimenté tres retos: académicos, culturales e intergeneracionales, todos enriquecedores. Igual tuve la oportunidad de estar conmigo misma y paradójicamente, disfrutar la lejanía para luego poder ubicarme mejor en los nuevos tiempos y escenarios de trabajo.”
Gaby Hernández CortezWOP-P Student in 2008-2010 | Currently Working at Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores (SMV) – Perú as Profesional de la Unidad de Recursos Humanos
“My experience in WOP-P was amazing and great. The Erasmus and international experience of the master is very rich for your life and was very helpful to grow up personally and professionally.”
EstherWOP-P Student in 2010-2012 | Currently Working at e-Motiva as Consultant
“I believe that attending the EMJMD in WOP-P has helped me in gaining a critical view and understanding not only of work and organizational processes but also of societal phenomena characterising the current cultural and economical configuration of the world.”
Davide GiusinoWOP-P Student in 2016-2018 | Currently Working at Department of Psychology, University of Bologna as Research Assistant

“Looking backwards from now to the WOP-P Course:

  •  I live in Australia, am married to the most incredible woman who I met here while doing the 3-month WOP-Work Experience module.
  • For the last 2 and a half years I have been working in Australia for a South African owned mining company, I partly attribute obtaining this current job to the positive reference I brought over from when I previously worked for this company as an Intern in South Africa after the WOP-P course.
  • I then attribute obtaining that intern role to the WOP-P Work Experience I completed with Sentis Safety Consultants in Australia for 3 months. Where I met my wife.
  • So where I am now is clearly influenced by the direction set for me by the WOP-Course. I found myself in a research role within a consultancy within a mining company, this led to work at a mining firm, and then a second mining firm, then a move to Australia and another mining firm. I definitely did not intend to get into mining, but that is the work experience I had found, and have since developed a passion for people, safety and talent.

Overall I was blessed to have participated in the programme. It added maturity to my thinking and character.

Major Take-away from the WOP-P Course:

  1. The sincerity of the professors and professional exposure to international experts
  2. The practical subjects in the second year helped ground the theory
  3. The work experience helped me know how to really translate my thinking into a useful product
  4. The winter school had just enough learning and academic pressure and was a great bonding experience for the group.”
Brad PageWOP-P Student in 2012-2014 | Currently Working at AngloGold Ashanti Australia as Organisational Capability Specialist
“The Master WOP-P was a great experience which challenged us greatly and enhanced not only our skills but showed us that by working hard we can achieve great things. It is hard to pick just one experience, my memories are full of; teamwork, hard work, achievements and realization.”
Aleix Moreno JaenWOP-P Student in 2009-2011 | Currently Working at Go Nurse as Operations Manager