How to apply for both E+ Scholarships and for the EMJMD in WOP-P (2022-2024 ed.)

This application process is to enroll in any of the four European awarding universities involved, and it is the same for all the applicants.

All applications received from November 02, 2021 to January 10, 2022 (24 hours, UTC/CUT +1) will be considered for the WOP-P Master and the EMJMD student scholarships. 

Any application received after this deadline will only be considered for the selection process to the WOP-P Master.

To apply, follow the 2 steps below. To help you during the application process, we have prepared a guide, which you can find in a PDF file or in this PowerPoint presentation (whether any of the links are not opening, please try to use another browser). Sometimes the University of Valencia server may be overloaded and might take a while to process your application. Please, be patient when applying!

Step 1: Make sure that you have all the following documents* ready before introducing your data in the online application because you will have to upload them by the end. Also, make sure that you only prepare one file for each of the following documents. There are important instructions for your files. Please, read them carefully.

  1. Your Degree in Psychology. If you do not have it yet, please give an explanation in a text document and upload this document. There are formal requirements for your Degree in Psychology. Please, read them.
  2. Your official academic transcripts in Psychology (also including the average grade of your transcript). Even if they are not complete yet, please upload them. Incomplete transcripts must be also official. There are formal requirements about your academic transcripts in Psychology. Please, read them 
  3. CV in English following the Standard European Format.
  4. A motivation-letter. Suggestion: between 500 and 1500 words written in English
  5. Two letters of reference (one preferably academic). These letters must be sent to directly from the referee. You will find instructions in the WOP-P letter of recommendation model. We will not accept letters uploaded by candidates. Tell your referees to write your NAME AND SURNAME in the subject of the email. To ensure confidentiality, we will not provide any information about the reception of the letters. DEADLINE FOR THE LETTERS OF REFERENCE:
  • Scholarship period (from November 02, 2021 to January 10, 2022): until 15 days after your application.
  • Master period only (from January 11, 2022): until 15 days after your application taking into account the application deadline of each university for the master period only.

Letters arriving later will be discarded in both periods (Scholarship and Master only). Please make sure you notify your referees about these deadlines.

6. Proof of nationality, such as any of the documents listed on the PRADO website (preferably your passport).

7. A certificate of residence. The place of residence should be verified based on the provision of a certificate of residence issued in accordance with the candidate’s municipality normal registration rules, OR a certificate from the candidate’s place of work, study, or training issued by the employer or institution in question. The document must have been issued within 12 months before the submission deadline of the scholarship application period.

8. A recent photo.

9. English level will be evaluated by an external company

10. Any other document you would like to provide

* The documents should be all in English, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish. Documents in other languages must be translated to English by a sworn translator.

Step 2:Fill in the online application form here

You must log in with a valid user and password. If you are already a member of the University of Valencia, enter through “University user” with your data. In another case, enter through “Online Office user”. The first time you must register in advance at the Online Office (click in “Applying for access”). By clicking you are creating a personal account: an email address and a password of your choice. During the whole process you may receive some emails to that address so, please be sure that it is right and check frequently your email account including the spam box.

Keep the user and password in a safe place to be able to access the online application as many times as you need (to make changes to your data or to upload new documents). You will be able to follow the whole selection process with this user and password.

Required documents should be uploaded in the application form. Applications and documents sent by email, fax, or postal mail will not be accepted.

IMPORTANT: If you upload/update additional documentation to your initial application you must let us know. Click here to inform us about any changes. Please note that after applying you will not receive a confirmation email, so please save the downloadable receipt at application completion.


If you find any technical problem during the application process, please send an email to and explain your problem in detail. We will try to solve it and give you feedback as soon as possible. Otherwise, try to send the online application without documentation. Then, you should upload all the documents required in due time so we can consider your application. You can do it by following the application guide: in slide 20, go to “Actions” and then “Annexes”.

The European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), in the context of managing the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees, collects and processes the personal data of some of the candidates. In particular, certain data of the scholarship holders (students and scholars), non-scholarship holders and reserve list candidates is shared with the Agency through the EACEA Mobility Tool and treated according to the following privacy statement.

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