Peer mentorship program

This course 2021-22 a new initiative has been launched in the master, “the Peer Mentorship Project”

The “Peer Mentorship Project” is a students’ initiative, supported by the coordination of the WOP-P master and conducted by second-year students. The main aim of the program is to provide orientation and support for incoming first-year students by their peers in the second year.

Peer mentorship can be defined as a relationship between individuals who are the same age or at the same stage n their career, in which one person has more knowledge, skills, and experience and is willing to transfer these experiences to another. Compared to traditional mentorship programs, peer mentorship provides a balanced approach as mentees perceived mentors to be on the same level as themselves but with more experience. Peer mentorship can facilitate more organic relationship development which offers greater opportunity for empathy, trust, and open communication. Mentees are more likely to disclose the challenges they are facing which enables mentors to offer greater assistance.

The program is being developed in all the four universities of the consortium and is being coordinated by the Peer Mentorship Project Coordination Committee. The committee is formed by Mariana Monika Kortišová (Home University Valencia) Natalia Silva Morillo (Home University Barcelona),  and Natasha Sutherland (Home University Valencia)

WOP-P peer mentorship program (leaflet)

WOP-P peer mentorship program (mentor handbook)