Xth Edition of the Winter School “Bernhard Wilpert” European Erasmus +: EM Master on WOP-P (EMJMD)

1- What is the Winter School “Bernhard Wilpert”?

As part of its educational programme, the Master offers a Joint Intensive Learning Unit (Winter School “Bernhard Wilpert”). This year the Master offers two alternative Winter Schools:
a) Organizational Psychology Intervention
b) Personnel Psychology Intervention

Emphasis will be placed in the design and development of models, strategies, methods and tools. The teaching staff is composed of well-recognized university professors and researchers from different European countries. Click here to know more.

2- When and where?

Both Winter Schools are organized as a blended learning combining e-learning with a 2 weeks internship. A total number of 25 students per Winter School will follow different lessons and seminars either in Organizational or Personnel Psychology.

The total workload will be 12 ECTS according to the following calendar:

Preparation phase (e-learning) – From 2nd November 2016 till 18th February 2017. Study supported by electronic platform. (e-learning).
In residence phase – From 19th of February to 4th of March 2017. Both  Organizational Psychology WS and Personnel Psychology WS will take place at the Gandía International Center (CIG).
– Final Assignment phase: (e-learning) – From 5th of March 2017 till 31st March 2017. Assignment (e-learning).

A Certificate will be issued by the Consortium of the Master for participants that are not enrolled in the Master Erasmus +: EM on WOPP (fees for obtaining the Certificate are not included in the Registration Fees).

The internship or in-residence phase will take place in:
The Winter School “Bernhard Wilpert” will be held at the Gandía Center, of the University of Valencia.. Gandía is a historical city about 40 km south Valencia and near the beach.

Address: Centro Internacional de Gandia
Carrer del Tossal, 8
46701 Gandia. Valencia, Spain

Gandía is part of a region called “la Safor”, 45 Km south
of the city of Valencia. Find more information at:
Gandia nearest airport is “Valencia airport”. See the following link:

3-To whom is addressed?
The Winter School “Bernhard Wilpert” is addressed to students already registered in the second year of Master Erasmus +:EM on WOP-P and to postgraduate students that are not enrolled in the Master Erasmus +: EM on WOPP. Places for non Master Erasmus +: EM on WOP-P students are limited to 10.


4-How much? Fees and other logistic information.

The registration fees for applicants that are not enrolled in the Master Erasmus +: EM on WOP-P cost 600 euros. This amount does not include the fees for official mark certificates or diplomas.
Fees for Mater Erasmus +: EM on WOP-P students are included in the general registration fees of the second year of the master (Academic Year 2016-2017 which includes 12 ECTS of Joint Intensive Learning Unit).

Note: registration fees do not cover travel and lodging costs.

The Master WOP-P negotiated a group price reservation. Thus, participants and teaching staff as well as coordination team are in the same hotel and this will help coordination of the activities social interaction among participants and teaching staff. You will need to book directly your room with the hotel according to your preferences but we will provide the specific procedure for booking once the Application Period is closed and the groups are organized.

Note: do not book any room until you have been informed of the results of the selection process. Special conditions will be offered to you.

If have read the above instructions and information, now you can fill the application form.

5-How to apply as external participant? Application procedure.

The applicants who are not enrolled in the Master Erasmus +: EM on WOP-P have to fulfill an application form.

It must be sent to erasmuswop@uv.es together with the documents required in the application form.

Deadline: 12th October 2016.

Next call will be able in July 2017.