Brad Page

“Looking backwards from now to the WOP-P Course:

  •  I live in Australia, am married to the most incredible woman who I met here while doing the 3-month WOP-Work Experience module.
  • For the last 2 and a half years I have been working in Australia for a South African owned mining company, I partly attribute obtaining this current job to the positive reference I brought over from when I previously worked for this company as an Intern in South Africa after the WOP-P course.
  • I then attribute obtaining that intern role to the WOP-P Work Experience I completed with Sentis Safety Consultants in Australia for 3 months. Where I met my wife.
  • So where I am now is clearly influenced by the direction set for me by the WOP-Course. I found myself in a research role within a consultancy within a mining company, this led to work at a mining firm, and then a second mining firm, then a move to Australia and another mining firm. I definitely did not intend to get into mining, but that is the work experience I had found, and have since developed a passion for people, safety and talent.

Overall I was blessed to have participated in the programme. It added maturity to my thinking and character.

Major Take-away from the WOP-P Course:

  1. The sincerity of the professors and professional exposure to international experts
  2. The practical subjects in the second year helped ground the theory
  3. The work experience helped me know how to really translate my thinking into a useful product
  4. The winter school had just enough learning and academic pressure and was a great bonding experience for the group.”