Romeo, M.

University of Barcelona

Marina Romeo is full Professor in Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Barcelona. Local Coordinator of the WOP_P Master. Director of the Cátedra University of Barcelona – ADECCO Foundation for the Integration of the Workforce of Persons with Disabilities Her work has been recognized in the IX Edition of the Alares Awards (2015), receiving the award  in the category Professors and Researchers, and Certified as Serior Organizational Psychology (COPC). Principal Investigator of the Consolidated Teaching Innovation Group GIDC-CAV, responsible for the research area of the Mediation Unit (Fundació Finestres-UB), and researcher of the research group in Social, Environmental and Organizational Psychology – Psicosao. Dra. Romeo has coordinates several research projects about the impact of culture, communication, lidership, rsc polices, work life balance… on hard and soft results (effectiveness, commitment, workaholism, job crafting..,). She has published numerous research studies in the discipline in books and international scientific journals such as Quality and Quantity; Nursing & Health Sciences, Educational Media International, Revista de Saúde Pública, Western Journal of Nursing Research, etc.

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