Navarro, J.

University of Barcelona

Jose Navarro is a full Professor in Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Barcelona (UB). He belongs to different psychological societies such as the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and Life Sciences, or SCEPS (the Spanish scientific association of social psychologists). Currently, he is the Delegate of the Rector of the UB for the promotion of research. Prof. Navarro has published numerous research studies in books (Taylor and Francis Press, and Cambridge University Press) and scientific journals such as European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Human Relations, Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, Journal of Happiness Studies, Small Group Research or Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology and Life Sciences. Currently, his research is focusing on the study of work motivation dynamics and what are the main causes of work motivation changes in the short and medium term, paying special attention to the role of emotions and attributions.

His research can be accessed at: