Alves da Silva Pereira, S.C.

University of Coimbra

Susana Alves Pereira, Ph.D., is an invited Assistant Professor at the University of Coimbra and Assistant Professor at the University of Maia, Portugal. She teaches in degrees and master’s degrees (both in Human Resources and Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology). Her Ph.D. in Work, Organizational, and Personnel Psychology was funded by the “Foundation for Science and Technology” (FCT – Portugal) through a Ph.D. Grant. She is a member of the Research Unit in Business Sciences and Sustainability (UNICES), and her research interests are mainly focused on organizational values-based interventions, economy for the common good, decent work, work motivation, and human resources management. In the last four years, she has supervised several master theses in Work, Organizational, and Personnel Psychology. As an author, she has published articles in international academic journals, such as the International Journal of Organizational Analysis, Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management, Business and Society Review, and the Scandinavian Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology. She has worked for more than eight years in training and development on HRM-related topics, and in many recruitment and selection processes in profit organizations.