XIVth Edition of the Winter School “Robert Roe & Barnhard Wilpert”

The opening took place virtually on February 12 at 3:00 p.m. and Professor David Guest (King College London) presented the inaugural lecture.

Over two weeks, forty-two students from twenty-two countries from different continents (e.g., Bangladesh, Holland, Panama, Mexico, Colombia, New Zealand, United States, England…) have participated in the intensive phase of the XIVth Winter School of Master Erasmus Mundus in WOP-P. In the last ten editions, the intensive phase of this School has been developed in the International Center of Gandía and with the collaboration of the General Foundation of the UV. In this edition, due to the socio-health context, the development of this phase carried out in a virtual environment with new challenges for students, teachers, and the coordination team taking into account the methodologies used in the workshop.