Welcome Session for Host Students at the University of Coimbra, March 2020


The Welcome Session for the Host students (first year, second semester mobility period) at the University of Coimbra was held on March, 6th. These students have studied their first semester at the Universities of Valencia and Barcelona and will spend this semester in Coimbra.

The Subdirector of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, Professor Maria Paula Paixão, Professors Teresa Rebelo, Carla Carvalho, Pedro Fialho, Cláudia Figueiredo, and Alice Oliveira welcomed the students and desired a very fruitful course in the University of Coimbra. The meeting was followed by a walk through the Faculty building to show the Library, Informatic Service and all the other facilities.

Currently all the teachers are teleworking and the students are attending virtual classes.