Social and cultural activity: visit to weWow, Parc de Marxalenes and BombasGens – The University of Valencia (January, 2023)

On January 20 the first-year students of the master participated in a social and cultural day out.

The day began with a wonderful visit to the weWow company  ( The company focuses on customer service and growth for companies worldwide. They shared with us different aspects of their company and the work they do. Several WOP-P-related topics were raised such as employee engagement or working in an international context and in multicultural teams. The students were also invited to discuss with the weWow team.

The visit was organized by one of our former students, Maite Turlings, together with other members of the weWow team  Nikita Oudendijk, Marije Sluis. We thank them very much for their warm reception and their openness. We were very proud to meet Maite Turlings, now as a weWow employee working in Talent & Culture.

In the afternoon we went to the Parc de Marxalenes, where we got to know about the agricultural past of Valencia, visiting the park and some Alquerias (old medieval farmhouses). After that, we had lunch together

We finished our day out with a guided visit to BombasGens. BombasGens is a center of art, close to the park, and the headquarter of the foundation “Per amor a l’art”. The center is located in an old industrial building constructed at the beginning of the XX century by the prestigious architect: Cayetano Borso di Carminati. We visited the building and the art collection

We all enjoyed an opportunity to exchange ideas, learn and share our time in a more relaxed way.