Qualitative and mixed methods research with Amalia R. Pérez-Nebra – The University of Valencia (June, 2021)

The “Qualitative and mixed methods research” seminar was held last June 27, 2021, with Prof. Amalia R. Pérez-Nebra.

This seminar aimed to present some guidelines for qualitative research and mixed methods. Qualitative methods are methods that do not involve measurement or statistics. Because the natural sciences have had such resounding success with quantitative methods, qualitative methods are sometimes dismissed as less scientific, and it was discussed different critiques of qualitative methods. Moreover, this research design was included for the first time in the 7th APA manual, which will make the approach flourish from now on. The seminar focused on three main topics: data collection, data analysis, and particularly research design, where it was described mixed methods. The overview of data collection covered observation, interviews, ethnography, research-action, and focus groups in work and organizational psychology. Regarding the analysis, it included handmade, and the use of the software. Finally, the mixed-methods design presents four different approaches to combining the methods.