Prof. Marc van Veldhoven from Tilburg University, will give a seminar at the Univerity of Valencia: “Connecting Work Psychology to Strategic Human Resource Management”

Marc van Veldhoven is the chairman of the department of Human resource studies at Tilburg University. He was a practitioner in occupational health care for 15 years before coming to academia in 2002. His main interest is in building bridges between work psychology and strategic HRM. He has numerous publications on applied psychology, HRM and occupational health., and is on the editorial boards of JOOP, Human Relations, and EJWOP.

(8, February 2017. 9:30)

The seminar in two parts: “Connecting Work Psychology to Strategic Human Resource Management” focuses on questions like:

  • An overview of existing research at the interface of Work Psychology and Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • Reflection upon 3 directions for future research in the area: complex trade-offs, strategic context, and the active employee
  • Integration of individual and organizational level processes into HRM research: methodological, conceptual and theoretical challenges.