Oustanding master thesis at the WOP-P Master (2021-2023)

The Coordinating Committee of the Master offers special recognition to the outstanding master thesis in each of the EU partner Universities. For the past cohort (2021-2023), the students who have received this recognition are:

  • Cardozo Pérez, Nelson Iván (University of Barcelona)
  • Ciarlantini, Anna (University of Bologna)
  • Coelho Pereira da Silva, Ana Carolina (University of Coimbra)
  • Mezentseva, Alena (University of Valencia)
  • Ordoñez Poblete, Antonia Leonor (University of Barcelona)
  • Panchetti, Tommaso (University of Bologna)
  • Vilas Boas Motta, Luiza (University of Coimbra)
  • Zenari, Alice (University of Bologna)

Congratulations on your achievement and the well-deserved recognition