Interactive session with Prof. Solveig Serrano – The University of Valencia (June, 2022)

Last June, 16th, 2022 WOP-P  students from Valencia attended an interactive session with Prof. Solveig Serrano.

The main three topics, based on personal working experience, were:

  1. The most important factors transforming the financial industry (such as the adoption of digital technologies, the move towards a “greener” world, or the expectation of a significant generational wealth transfer -e.g. younger generations are expected to inherit in a short period of time the wealth of their elders).
  2. A review of how these changes impact clients’ expectations and investment behavior (e.g. increasing interest in sustainable investment products, preference for hybrid models over traditional advice) and how financial institutions are adapting their business models to the new demands (improving client digital experience, for example).
  3. Review of examples and videos about how Training and Staff Development practices are evolving in a leading financial institution to support this transformation to prepare employees “to be fit for what is to come” (e.g. financial advisors need to transition into a new, more digital role that requires increasing flexibility, new skills, and mindset).