Gratitude and story of Ipek Unlu (graduated student in the EMJM in WOP-P Master, 2018-2020)

Ipek Unlu is one of the students who graduated in the EMJMD in WOP-P Master this year (2018-2020). She completed her internship in Germany and she wanted to share and to be grateful for all professors and the Master for her experience:


“I am Ipek Unlu, one of the ‘20 graduates of the WOP-P master. I completed my internship at Adidas HQ in Germany with the start of the pandemic. After having a great experience in the company, I wanted to share my story and what I have been through during those 6 months with others through the official Adidas blog, GamePlan A. Since I have a personal interest in writing, I connected with the editor of the blog and shared my ideas with him. They welcomed me and accepted my story. Here I share the link for my published article about my internship, teleworking, team building, the cycle of change, and all. 

I would like to thank you and all the professors. I would not get the chance to have this much knowledge and experience without this Master and your contributions.”


This is Ipek´s story: