Gandia hosts the XVI edition of the ‘Bernhard Wilpert’ Winter School, Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree in Psychology (Feb, 2023)

From Monday 13 to February 24, 51 students from 23 countries around the world are participating in the face-to-face phase of the ´Bernhard Wilpert´ Winter School, organized by the Erasmus Mundus WOP-P Master and which takes place at the International Center of Gandia of the UV. This year’s edition returns to face-to-face after two editions taking place online due to the pandemic.

The fundamental objective of this Winter School is the development of professional skills (which implies the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes) for the design of interventions in the field of organizational development and human resources, in an international context and with an approach that combines the global and local perspective. The training in this ‘Joint Intensive Learning Unit’ of the Erasmus Mundus Master in WOP-P has three phases: the first, work in virtual teams made up of members from various universities and countries; the second, face-to-face as a boarding school that takes place in Gandía; and the third includes the final integration work, carried out remotely with the support of the Virtual Classroom of the University of Valencia.

The University of Valencia coordinates the international Consortium that organizes this Master, and in which the following participate: the University of Bologna, University of Coimbra, University of Barcelona, University of Brasilia, University of Baltimore, University of Puerto Rico, Florida Institute of Technology, and the Illinois Institute of Technology. The International Consortium is coordinated by Professor Vicente Martinez-Tur, while the local coordination at the University of Valencia is carried out by Professor Núria Tordera.