Prof. José Mª Peiró will particiate in Erasmus + International Conference: Cooperation and Innovation in Europe – Results and prospects for the next program (2021-2027)

This international annual conference aims to raise awareness of the projects of Strategic Partnerships, which are cooperation projects between educational and training institutions. These projects from small to large scale, of pedagogical innovation or exchange of good practices, put in contact associations, companies, educational authorities and educational centres of all sectors (School Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and People Education Adults) to work on a common theme.


Erasmus + supports this type of cooperation projects and workshops in this international conference will try to illustrate several aspects in this regard, such as the opening of Erasmus + to the world, its added pedagogical value in School Education, its contributions to the virtual school, its coherence with the intersectoral approach. The balance midway between the Erasmus + program and the prospects for after 2020 will also be in the centre of the debate, with the intervention of European leaders of the first order.

At the invitation of the Regional Council of Île-de-France, this trilingual event (ES, FR, EE). It will host 250 relevant political decision makers and Erasmus + agents from the three countries.

Download the programme HERE.