Closing Ceremony of the XV ed. of the WOP-P Master (Universitat de València)

On July 12th, the Closing Ceremony of the XV edition of the WOP-P Master (Universitat de València) was held at Salón de Grados located at the Faculty of Psychology.

The event was chaired by the dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Dr. Antonio Ferrer Manchón, and supported by the professor and main Coordinator of the WOP-P Master, Dr. Vicente Martínez Tur, the local coordinator of the Master at the UV, Dr. Núria Tordera, the emeritus professor Dr. José María Peiró and Dr. Inés Tomás Marco, professor of Methodology. The five of them dedicated words of appreciation and good wishes for the future to all the graduates.

During the session, the diplomas memento were awarded to the new graduates.  Ms. Alicia Swanepoel, one of the new graduates representing all the students, made a speech recalling moments lived throughout the 2 years in the WOP-P Master as well as recognizing colleagues and teachers for the effort, dedication and teaching received. A video was also projected with images from different students remembering some of the moments the students spent together during the time they have been enrolled in the master.

Finally, the students and the faculty attending the ceremony had lunch in the cafeteria of the faculty to celebrate the graduation together.