Closing Ceremony of the XV ed. of the WOP-P Master (Barcelona)

On July 16 Closing Ceremony of the XV edition of the WOP-P Master (Barcelona), was held at Palau de Les Heures, a historical site located near the Faculty of Psychology at Mundet Campus.  Dean, Ph.D. Antonio Solanas,  Director of the department of Psychosocial Psychology and Quantitative Psychology, Ph.D. Nuria Codina,  WOP-P Coordinator, PhD. Marina Romeo chaired the session.
This year, this closing ceremony was special because Angels Verdú, partner-director at Angels Verdu Consulting and Associated Professor (University of Barcelona),   made a Master Class about the paradoxes in human resources. Finally,  we counted on the participation of Natalia Silva WOP-P alumni Promotion and founder and coordinator of the Mentorship Program.  
 The act was musically enlivened by Pablo Castro and Xin Ai sang a rap!