Closing Ceremony of the XIV ed. of the WOP-P Master (University of Valencia)

On July 8th, the Closing Ceremony of the XIV edition of the WOP-P Master (University of Valencia) was held at Salón de Grados located at the Faculty of Psychology. This year, the closing session was very special being followed by the students in a hybrid format (face-to-face and online)

The event was chaired by the professor and Main Coordinator of the WOP-P Master Vicente Martínez Tur, and supported by Emeritus professor  José María Peiró and Vicente González-Romá professor of the aforementioned Master and Director of the Research Institute in Personnel Psychology, Organizational Development and Quality of Working Life (Idocal). The three of them dedicated words of appreciation and good wishes for the future to all the graduates.

During the session, the diplomas memento were awarded to the new face-to-face graduates and mentioned the rest of the graduates connected online.  Then, one of the new graduates representing all the students made a speech recalling moments lived throughout the 2 years in the WOP-P Master as well as recognizing colleagues and teachers for the effort, dedication and teaching received. A video was also projected with images and messages from different students regarding the experience lived in the master.

Finally, a commemorative video was projected in which different members of the Master WOP-P dedicated messages of congratulations to the new graduates.