Acknowledgments to the teaching staff

There has been a change in the coordinator of the WOP-P Master at the Università di Bologna. We would like to congratulate Prof. Luca Pietrantoni for his participation as coordinator of the master in Bologna during the last 6 years. Thank you for the pleasant and efficient cooperation and your contribution to the master.  It was a pleasure for all of the members of the coordination committee to count on you on the board. We wish you a great academic career and also all the best in the personal sphere. We would also like to congratulate Prof. Rita Chiesa as the newly elected coordinator of the WOP-P Master at the University of Bologna.  Thank you as well for your previous contribution and commitment to the master.

We would also thank Mr. Carlos Sánchez, Founding partner of E-Motiva Consulting and Coordinator of the practicum at the University of Barcelona, since the beginning of 2006, On July 6, 2021, got retired. The consortium would like to express our gratitude for his valuable contribution to the master during the previous years. He has added value to the master with his consulting view of Organizational Development, accompanying students, and for his commitment and good work.