Acknowledgments to the students

This course 2021-22, a new students’ initiative was launched at the WOP-P Master “The Peer Mentorship program”. The program has been developed by three students of the second year, Ms. Mariana Monika Kortišová (Home Valencia, Host ) Ms. Natalia Silva Morillo (Home Barcelona, Host), and  Ms. Natasha Sutherland (Home Valencia, Host, and has been supported by the coordination of the master. The program is being implemented in the four partners institutions. The Peer Mentorship Project Coordination Committee has recruited a total of 25 mentors and 42 mentees, (second-year and first-year students respectively). The coordination committee of the master would like to express their appreciation and gratitude to the developers and coordinators of this program and to all the students that are participating as mentors and mentees. Thanks for your effort, your enthusiasm, and your professionalism.