A large number of WOP-P Students present their Master thesis at the EAWOP Congress

Between the 24th and 27th of May 2023 in Katowice (Poland) took place the 21st EAWOP Congress, organized by the Polish Association of Organizational Psychology.

During the Congress, EMJMD in WOP-P students had the opportunity to present the research results from their Master’s Thesis:

WOP-P Students of the University of Barcelona

  • Barriers and Facilitators of Human Resources Policies and Practices to Promote Hiring and Retention of Employees with Disabilities: A Systematic Review. Cardozo Pérez, Nelson Iván.
  • Optimistic is more responsible and pessimistic is more neurotic! Attribution styles at work and their relationships with affectivity and personality. Ezzeddine, Ruba.
  • Individual resistance to organizational change and practical implications. Frydman, Ezequiel.
  • How leadership styles influence Anxiety and Team Effectiveness: Role Overload and Team Climate for Innovation as Mediators. Ordonez Poblete, Antonia Leonor.

WOP-P Students of the University of Bolonia

  • Assessment Centers in the Digital Age: Initial Evidence of Validity and Fairness about Gender-Based Adverse Impact. Usmani, Yumna Zafar.
  • Women’s Careers: The Influence of Resources on Resilience to
    Achieve Subjective Success. Zenari, Alice.

WOP-P Students of the University of Coimbra

  • Testing the relationship between Decent Work, Life Satisfaction and Stress in Portuguese Social Economy Organizations. Coelho Pereira da Silva, Ana Carolina.
  • The importance of working models in the relationship between the green tape and psychological safety. Outeiro Posse, Bárbara.
  • Testing the relationship between Decent Work, Knowledge Sharing, and Work Stress in Portuguese Social Economy Organizations. Vilas Boas Motta, Luiza.

WOP-P Students of the University of Valencia

  •  The effects of Teleworking on Job Performance: the moderator role of Basic Psychological Needs. Mastrogiovanni Tasca, Martina.
  • Leading Mindful Organizing for Safety: A moderated serial mediation model in air traffic control. Seitkanova, Diana.
  • Improving the empowerment of family members in organizations for individuals with intellectual disability. Wassmuth, Kristin.
  • The Relationship between e-Leadership Competencies for Satisfaction with Telework and Workplace Isolation: The Mediating Role of Leader-Member Exchange. Watkins, Derron Christopher.

Faculty members and former students of the WOP-P master from all Consortium universities also participated in presenting several pieces of research.