What is the mobility scheme?

The student must attend at least two periods of 30 ECTS credits in two universities –known as ‘Home’ and ‘Host’ universities– from two different European countries. The Home University is the university of enrolment where the student starts the program. The Host University is the university where the student spends the compulsory mobility period during the second semester. During the selection process, each candidate is asked to select a Home and Host university of their preference, which will be considered, among other criteria, for the final distribution of students among the four universities of the Consortium. These criteria consider student preference and language fluency, as well as a balanced distribution among partner institutions. Granted students must complete a period of study in two universities from two different European countries different from their country of residence.

Additional voluntary mobility may be arranged during the second year, and a competitive call will be open each year to visit a non-European University for the practicum. This additional mobility must be first agreed by the Coordinating Committee.

Finally, the Winter School is a two-week in-residence period when all students of the Consortium meet for an intensive learning experience.

Please see: Mobility scheme