Competencies (Trans.)

The model of competences to be acquired by the students of the WOP-P Master takes into account the competencies of the Specialist EuroPsy Certificate in WOP Psychology, including 20 primary competences, specific for WOP-P psychologists (See Table 1), and 8 enabling competences shared with other professions and needed for effective action(See Table 2) . In addition, 6 specific research-oriented competences are trained in the WOP-P Master (See Table 3).

Table 1: Primary competences, specific for WOP-P psychologists.

Areas Competences Definition (summary)
Goal definition 1-Needs analysis Interview clients/managers to discuss needs and problems
2-Goal setting Make an oral/written proposal for objectives and how they can be achieved
Assessment (and diagnosis) 3-Individual assessment Select and apply instruments, techniques and methods for individual assessment
4-Group assessment Select and apply techniques and methods for group-level assessment
5-Organizational assessment Select and apply techniques and methods for organizational-level assessment
6-Situational assessment: Work context assessment Select and apply instruments, techniques and methods for situational assessment
Development (and design) 7- Product definition & requirement analysis Analyze the need for instruments and methods to be used for assessment (such as work process analysis, task analysis, job analysis, competence analysis, appraisal, communication analysis) and/or intervention
8-Service or product design Design and adapt techniques, tests, and methods, including methodologies for development of work processes, training, etc.
9-Service or product testing Conduct a study to compare instruments, techniques and methods, and to establish feasibility, reliability and validity, effectiveness and costs benefits
10-Service or product evaluation Conduct a study to establish effectiveness, client satisfaction, user friendliness, costs-benefits
Intervention (and implementation) 11-Intervention planning Define goals and elaborate intervention plans, including time schedule
12-Direct person-oriented intervention Implement an intervention directed to individuals
13-Direct context-oriented intervention Implement an intervention directed to the context
14-Indirect intervention Advice, training and support for employees, managers, and works council members
15-Product implementation Implement instruments, techniques, methods, appraisal systems, and new tools
Evaluation 16-Evaluation planning Plan for the evaluation of programs and interventions
17-Evaluation measurement Measure criteria for the evaluation of performance, well-being, social relations
18-Evaluation analysis Analysis of intervention effectiveness
Information 19-Feedback-giving Provide information on assessment results and interventions to employees and managers
20-Report writing Write reports on the results of assessments and/or interventions for employees and managers



Table 2. Enabling competences. WOP-P Master.

Competences Definition (summary)
1-Professional strategy Choose an appropriate strategy for dealing with the problem(s) posed, based on a reflection on the professional situation and one’s own primary competences
2-Continuing professional development Update and develop primary and enabling competences, knowledge and skills, in accordance with changes in the field and requirements of the psychological profession, national and European regulations
3-Professional relations Establish and maintain relationships with other professionals, as well as relevant organizations
4-Research and development Develop new products and services that have the potential to meet current or future clients’ needs and generate new business
5-Marketing & sales Bring current and new products and services to the attention of current or potential clients
6-Account management Establish and maintain relationships with clients
7-Practice management Design and manage the practice from which services are rendered, whether as a small business or as part of a larger private or public organization, including financial, personnel, and operational aspects, providing leadership
8-Quality assurance Establishing and maintaining a system for quality assurance for the practice as a whole


Table 3. Research competencies. WOP-P Master

  1. Literature review
  2. Research design
  3. Data collection
  4. Data analysis
  5. Writing reports
  6. Disseminating research