Student selection procedure

The procedure of students’ selection is oriented to quality and successful study fulfillment. Students’ selection involves a rigorous evaluation of knowledge, skills, and motivational aspects. The process of selection includes the presentation of the CV and an interview with the candidate where the merits are assessed. Before interviewing the selection Committee analyses the Undergraduate Degree (i.e., Bachelor degree) to assess its validity to study the Master. According to the rules of the WOP-P Consortium, it is required that all of the four European partner Universities consider valid the University Undergraduate Degree of the candidates according to the regulations of the country of each partner country University. Under these circumstances, if one or more partner country Universities of the WOP-P Consortium does/do not consider as valid the University Undergraduate Degree of the candidate, his/her candidacy will not be considered as valid for the EMJMD scholarships (Erasmus+) and for the acceptance in the WOP-P Master. Otherwise, because of the complexity of selection process of candidates for the EMJMD scholarships (Erasmus+) and/or for the acceptance in the Master, the steps corresponding to the selection process should be implemented in parallel. Thus, interviewing one candidate for the EMJMD scholarships (Erasmus+) and/or for the acceptance in the Master does not assure he/she fulfill the compulsory requirements of the WOP-P Master (e.g., Psychology Diploma). During the process maybe the candidate is requested to present additional documents, which can provide further evidence of their preparation and qualification.

Therefore, in every European institution the partner coordinator and assessors interview the candidates, and carries out the exam or tests to assess previous knowledge and skills related to the discipline. Afterwards, the partner coordinator establishes a ranking considering applicant’s merits and formulates a proposal of the candidates to be accepted by the WOP Coordinating and Selection Committees. Please, consider that the interview is an important part of the selection process. If the interviewer does not receive any answer from the student candidate to schedule the interview in due time, his/her candidacy will be withdrawn from the process. Taking this into consideration, his/her candidacy will not be considered as valid for the EMJMD scholarships (Erasmus+) and/or for the acceptance in the Master WOP-P.

The Selection Committee decides on both the grant holders and the candidates accepted to be enrolled in the WOP master programme. The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (from the European Commission) confirms the selection decision for WOP-P EMJMD Scholarships.

The WOP Coordinating Committee will decide the Mobility scheme of students. The decision will be based on the students’ preferences; the need to obtain a balanced distribution among partner institutions; and the students’ fluency in the languages used in WOP programme (English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish).

Student’s personal data will be sent to the Agency and may be used by other bodies involved in the management of EMJMD acting as stakeholders of the programme (i.e. European Commission, Erasmus+ National Offices, EU Delegations, Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association) for facilitating the student access to the joint programme.

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