Professors Ron Landis and Jennifer Miller (Ilinois Institute of Technology) gives seminars at University of Valencia

Professors Ron Landis and Jennifer Miller (Illinois Institute of Technology) gives seminars at University of Valencia:


Jeniffer Miller. December 13th, from 3 pm to 7 pm. Room: “Salón de Grados”

This will be a hands-on seminar that includes an overview of using the canvas model to frame the development of business. We will work through examples of well-known companies to illustrate the key components of the canvas model and will then have students use the model to create a business of their own. In addition, we will provide an opportunity at the end of the session to engage with students who have specific questions about creating their own company.


Ron Landis. December 17th and 18th, from 4 pm to 7 pm. Room: “Sala de Juntas”

The overall objectives of this seminar are to (a) provide exposure to the theoretical and applied literature on meta-analysis, and (b) develop skills in critiquing and conducting meta-analyses. We will focus on specifying problems and theory in students’ areas of interest, the sampling of studies, computing study effects, examining statistical significance within and across studies, examining moderation, and interpreting and reporting study results. The course will heavily emphasize running the fundamental analyses and there will be significant opportunities for practice. All analyses will be run using R.

Social Network Analysis:

Jeniffer Miller. December 19th, starting at 4 pm. Room: “Sala de Juntas”

Social networks have applications across a variety of contexts including organizational settings. The purpose of this seminar is to introduce students to social network analysis with the goal of providing a conceptual foundation for thinking about how network analysis can be used for research in organizations. The course also introduces students to basic terms and concepts in relation to the analytic framework. In particular, we will focus on different kinds of networks and use data to generate graphs and figures describing the networks.