Collaboration between the “Erasmus Mundus WOP-P Master” and “Escola Gavina”, Valencia, Spain.

On 16th November 2018, the students of the first year of the WOP-P Master visited “Escola Gavina” school as part of the training program at the Organizational Psychology classes. One of the objectives of the course “Organizational Psychology and Organizational behaviour” is “To analyze inter-organizational relationships and organizations in a network, with a stakeholder multicultural approach”. In order to achieve this objective, a partnership has been developed between the Master WOP-P and “Escola Gavina”. Escola Gavina is an education cooperative, formed by teachers and administration and services’ staff that shares an educational project with the students’ families. Nowadays it is a small school of three hundred and fifty students, from 3 to 16 years old. However, it is a centre of reference in the Valencian educational world.

During their visit to the school, WOP-P Master’s students had the opportunity to interview some of the members of the managerial board and the rector council of the cooperative about the organizational characteristics of the cooperative and its network of organizational relationships. In turn, WOP-P students were interviewed by students at the last year of secondary education (4th grade ESO) about their career paths and studying abroad.

Both parts of this inter-organizational collaboration are very satisfied with the results and willing to look forward to further collaborations.
We would also thank Escola Gavina and their managerial board for their kind and warm reception.